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Angry protesters welcome British Royals with ‘symbols of slavery’ insults at NBA game

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Nothing says class like insulting your guests. And not much insults guests more than calling them living “symbols of slavery.”

But that was the message protesters unhappy with a State Island grand jury decision not to indict a police officer the death of illegal cigarette vendor Eric Garner decided to deliver Monday during an NBA game at the city’s Barclay Center that was attended by visiting British royals Prince William and wife, Kate.

Not certain what they think the British Royal Family had to do with the case but nevertheless, there they were and Twitter was buzzing about it with the hashtag #royalshutdown.

Even Jay-Z and some Cavaliers players got in on the act.

But apparently social justice has to be a little more comfortable for some as one group of protesters move inside to disrupt mall shopping.

Though not everyone was on the protesters side.

Pure class, “peaceful protesters.” Pure class.

Carmine Sabia


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