Watch: Tim Tebow surprises shoppers by paying off their lay-away bills

Tim Tebow’s act of Christmas kindness brought one happy woman to tears.

The ex-NFL Quarterback and devout Christian joined “Good Morning America” in a segment that aired Monday where he told an unsuspecting shopper that her lay-away bill was paid off.

The shopper, Jasmine Nunes,  cried openly when Tebow informed her that her account was taken care of.

“On behalf of GMA, we’re gonna take care of this lay-away for you,” Tebow told her.

Nunes burst into tears, hugged Tebow and shouted, “Oh my God, bless you!”

“You just don’t understand how hard I’ve been working, and then I said I was gonna take some stuff off of lay-away because I couldn’t afford everything,” she said through tears. “I just thank you. I just want to cry.”

The segment is part of a cross-country series this week in which GMA is surprising shoppers by paying off their lay-away bills.

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