Watch mom react when family gives her surprise new dog for Christmas

Christmas is a time of hope. Stuck in the dark winter months, we look for a North Star, a beacon to remind us that there is something beyond the darkness.

Merri-Lee Stine provided that beacon for her mother.

Her mother’s dog, Lady, a beloved Chihuahua died a few months before Christmas. Stine’s mother grieved and after a few months tried to get a new dog, but none were the right fit.

This is where the Christmas magic comes in. Stine’s family got her mother a new dog, Archie, and gave him to her as a gift on Christmas Day. You can see by the emotional footage — starting at 2:30 — that this new pup was the light at the end of the tunnel her mother needed after losing her Lady.

A heart-warming Christmas story for all dog lovers.


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