Viewers mad at man pulled from anaconda: ‘I watch something called Eaten Alive, somebody better get eaten alive’

Talk about cold feet.

The weirdo who promised to let himself get eaten by a 20-foot long anaconda in the Amazon ended up panicking before the animal had gotten much more than his head in his mouth, disappointing even weirder television viewers everywhere.

Naturalist Paul Rosolie, accompanied by his wife and a camera crew had tracked the animal to the headwaters of the world’s longest river as part of a TV stunt for the Discovery channel.

Then, to the disappointment of a viewing audience that can charitably be described as “voyeuristic,” he backed out at crunch time.


As the Daily Mail reports:

However, as Mr. Rosolie felt his arm ‘start to break’ under the snake’s grip, he ordered his team of fellow naturalists, doctors and vets to save him – with just the top of his head in the animal’s jaws.

Naturally, viewers were outraged. ( STRONG LANGUAGE )

Then the kicker.

For the record, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals thinks Rosolie should have let the snake eat him.

The charmers.

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