Van Jones to Rich Lowry: ‘Can I kiss you here, against your will?’

CNN contributor, former White House advisor and professional leftist Van Jones teamed up with progressive Democrat Loretta Sanchez to attack National Review Editor Rich Lowry for having the gall to suggest one of the left’s favorite statistics is the garbage it is.

In a discussion, Jones brought up the oft-repeated – and oft-debunked – estimate that 1 in 5 female students on college campuses had been victims of sexual assault.

When Lowry pointed out that the number was “bogus” and noted that it came from surveys that included “unwanted kissing” as a form of sexual assault, the melee was on.

Jones threatened to forcibly kiss the conservative commentator right there on the “This Week” set (that would have been on YouTube forever), while Sanchez mimicked striking Lowry while inanely repeating “that is sexual assault.

It took host George Stephanopoulos to step in the quiet things down.

And when George Stephanopoulos is the adult in the room, the Democrats are failing adulthood 101.

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