The SNL skit viewers didn’t see: Fictitious St. Louis morning show riddled with racial humor

A skit that didn’t make it into the “Saturday Night Live” viewers saw at home this weekend because of time constraints put a glaring spotlight on the left’s sick insistence that racial tension is consuming the country.

And it did it with a laugh.

In a sendup of morning infotainment shows, with their stock format of faux news, drive-time traffic reports, and the customary cooking segment, the sketch featured “Rise and Smile” a fictitious St. Louis-based show hosted by “SNL” staffers Keenan Thompson and Cecily Strong, where just about every word in the script was guaranteed to chafe some overly sensitive interest group.

The “superior race” announced by Thompson turns out to be a 5K run. An entertainment announcement by Strong features a band called “The Darkies” (she meant to say “Dark Keys) and James Franco’s visiting chef and book author is cursed with the unfortunate (for St. Louis) name of Darren Wilson.

It didn’t help that his frittata used only the “white part of the egg” and had just won the “grand jury prize” at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival.

In short, everything on the morning television talk show – that most offensively insipid of American institutions – turns out to be offensive to someone who wanted to take it the wrong way.

Like everything for the left in America today.

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