Punk protester tries to provoke cop into doing something stupid, watch what he gets instead

The cop doesn’t have to say a word.

A video posted on YouTube over the weekend apparently by a Portland, Ore., protester out to stir up trouble ended up making the guy who made it look like an idiot.

(Note: Strong language ahead.)

The video appears to be referring to a Nov. 29 protest against the grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown shooting. The protest turned into a riot and police used “flash bang” grenades to disperse the crowds. (One might well ask what a Missouri grand jury decision has to do with rioting in Portland, Ore., but that’s a digression.)

That didn’t sit well with self-appointed champions of the people like this video maker, who decided to try to make his case to a Portland police officer taking some down time on the bumper of a department cruiser.

Watch the cop’s reaction to this miserable snot’s provocations — “you’re guilty of a f***ing felony, you and all your goons!” “You’re un-American goons!”  (And how the punk curses! Like he just learned the words from the older guys at school.)

A more damning indictment of the current round of anti-police protests going on around the country could hardly have been made.

These people aren’t protesters fighting injustice, they’re 16-year-olds scrawling on bathroom walls – and bragging about how daring they are.

This video says it all.

And this cop doesn’t have to say a word.

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