Missouri bar owner offers ‘Mike Brown 6 shots’ drink special, and it doesn’t go well

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A Missouri bar lived up to its tagline “where sarcasm is always free” by offering a Mike Brown drink special.

The bar, Mug Shots in St. Louis, came under fire after photos of the flier for the special  offering six shots of Jose Cinge for $10 began showing up on social media.

The “six shots” is an allusion to the number of times Brown was shot by former Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.

Bar co-owner Rodney Stapleton said he stole the idea from other bars in the area offering a similar drink special with good results.

“It looked like it was getting a good response so I just decided to use it here,” Stapleton told Fox 4 Kansas City.  “That’s what bar owners do. If they find something works at another bar, they try to use it at their bar.”

Protesters found no humor in it as they marched and chanted outside of the establishment Saturday night.

Mugshots Protest
Protesters outside MugShots bar.

Stapleton has expressed remorse over the ill-fated publicity stunt.

“It’s not meant to cause any harm,” he said. “I should have thought a little bit more about it before I made it a shot special.”

In an effort to atone Stapleton offered a new drink special Saturday:

“The owner of Mug Shots is an A**h**e shot special, 6 Jose Cinge shots for $12.”

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