Mika Brzezinski finds out what a ‘furry’ is and the reaction was priceless!

Mika Brzezinski did her best to report a story Monday but it was all “furr” naught.

The co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” ran off the set in hysterics this morning as the team, including the show’s namesake Joe Scarborough and co-host Willie Geist, were reporting on a story about the intentional leak of chlorine gas at a “Furry” convention in a Chicago area Hyatt hotel.

Chlorine powder was found in the stairwell of the hotel which was hosting the Midwest FurFest causing the hotel to evacuate while 19 people were taken to area hospitals.

Unfortunately, try as she might, Brzezinski just couldn’t report the story.

After reading the words “Furry convention” she asked “Did I get that wrong?”

Then when images of people in stuffed animal costumes appeared on the screen she began laughing uncontrollably, holding her head in her hands so her face couldn’t be seen on camera.

However, it was when they showed local TV news interviews of the affected parties that the hosts took the opportunity to explain to Brzezinski what a “furry” convention actually is. With that, Mika hit the road.

When they came back on live Brzezinski could be seen running off the set with Scarborough shouting “come back.”

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Carmine Sabia


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