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‘Such a classy thing to do!’ Good Samaritan cop rescues purse theft victim’s Christmas

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Amid a flurry of criticism deriding law enforcement as the enemy of the people comes a story of a cop doing a good deed for someone in need.

Cpl. Jacob Salmon
Photo credit El Monte Police Officers’ Association Facebook.

The heartwarming story started with a theft on Nov. 30, when a California woman had her purse stolen at an El Monte Jack ‘N The Box restaurant, along with gift cards she saved all year to use for her son’s Christmas presents.

Cpl. Jacob Salmon overheard the young boy trying to console his crying mother, telling her, “It’s OK, Mom.”

Cpl. Jacob Salmon
Photo Credit El Monte Police Officers’ Association Facebook.

Moved by the scene, the officer used his own money to purchase new gift cards for the boy, the Mid Valley News reported.

Salmon asked the El Monte Police Department to keep quiet about the act of kindness, but the agency convinced him to allow a post about it on its Facebook page.

After the Mid Valley News reported the story last week, the post went viral, serving as a touching reminder that the vast majority of police officers take seriously their oath to protect and serve.

Several people posted on their Facebook page lauding the officer’s kind gesture.

“Awesome and wonderful!” said Rina Ro. “There are MORE GREAT COPS than there are bad ones. Only ignorant fools have no respect for authority or laws. God bless ALL of our officers everywhere!”

“We should be hearing more positive stories like these. Good job officer way to stand up and help the community. Gods protection upon you always sir,” added Alex Romo.

“Such a classy thing to do!! God bless you!” said Jan Byrd Poirier.

And Yaneth Pizano said “I’m going to shake that man’s hand if I see him.”

Carmine Sabia


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