Parents intimidated by social-media savvy kids get a message: Take back the phones!

Some crafty kids have found a way to avoid being punished — by publicly shaming their parents.

With the rise of social media, parents worry about how they are perceived when their children complain about them online, creating an atmosphere where parents are fearful of punishing their kids, according to the Daily Mail.

Relationship expert Siggy Flicker slammed the growing apprehension Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“You can’t be in fear of raising your kids,” she said, adding that the first thing she takes away from her children is their phones. “So they can’t videotape me, and if they did, I’d be proud. I say, ‘If you don’t like my rules, collect your change, move out and get your own place.’”

TV personality Rachel Campos-Duffy, a mother of seven, agreed.

“If they’re posting, you’ve probably already lost control at this point,” she said. “This is about taking back control as a parent.”

Fellow panelist Chris Kensler said it’s time parents get in tune with their tech-savvy kids.

“We might have more trouble seeing ourselves online than our kids’ generation,” said Kensler, editor of Fox 411. “But I think you’ve got to get over it because these kids post everything.”

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Carmine Sabia


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