MSNBC hostess gets roasted for arguing ‘arson and looting’ aren’t really violent

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, the tampon-earring queen of cable television, has lowered the bar of liberal logic again with a priceless example of the lefty mindset.

On Saturday, Harris-Perry discussed the possibility charges would be filed against the stepfather of Michael Brown, who stood on a car the night of the grand jury’s announcement that the police officer who killed Brown would not be indicted, and order the crowd to “burn this mother***** down! Burn this b**** down!”

The crowd complied, burning down 12 commercial buildings in what most people would consider is called a “riot.”

But that doesn’t mean there was any violence, Harris-Perry argued.

That kind of thinking might explain why the country has been told for months about all those “peaceful protesters” in Ferguson who don’t really hurt anybody, but it doesn’t show much understanding of how what the law is all about. (Of course, you might have to have some conception of private property — besides your own fat MSNBC paycheck — to get that part of it.)

Fortunately for the fate of the Republic, plenty of people get it just fine.

The funny thing about that is that if that question got asked by an unruly white mob, or a mob of men in white hoods carrying torches, it’s a damn good bet Melissa Harris-Perry and the libs who think like her would have no problem calling it a violence.

And they wouldn’t be particular about chokeholds if there was a cop around to stop it.


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