Almost made it: Wounded US hostage freed by SEALs dies aboard Navy rescue ship

The American hostage special forces raided an al-Qaida terrorists in Yemen to free made it alive to an American Navy ship but died on an operating table.

American photojournalist Luke Somers and a South African teacher who was also being held hostage were mortally wounded by the terrorists when the Navy SEAL raid started, according to numerous news outlets.

The Washington Post and other news organizations reported that the two hostages were recovered and taken alive aboard rescue helicopters but the South African died en route to the ships.

Somers made it as far as the USS Makin Island but died in surgery, the Post reported.

According to Fox News, the SEALs raid was discovered when they were about 100 yards from where the hostages were held. Somers and the South African were shot before the Americans could reach them.

No members of the rescue team were reported injured. Five or six terrorists were reported killed.

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