Uber-liberal UC Berkeley exploits loophole to avoid minimum wage hike


The hypocrisy that defines the political left is frequently on display in America, but a recent decision by uber-liberal University of California-Berkeley to ignore a local minimum wage hike takes the cake.

Berkeley recently passed a city ordinance raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour — California’s minimum wage is $9 — but the school is utilizing a loophole to avoid having to give many student employees a raise, according to The Daily Caller.

Inside Higher Ed reported that UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University are falling back on an exemption that says state agencies only have to pay the state minimum wage.

The university is the largest employer in Berkeley, and points to “budget constraints” in response to its decision.

“Wage levels are continually reviewed to serve the interests of our lowest paid workers,” a spokesman told a local media outlet. “Given UC Berkeley’s budget constraints, an increase in the middle of the academic year may have a significant financial impact and needs to be carefully considered.”

Daily Caller reported that top university executives have seen “big pay boosts,” making it clear that these officials are not among the 99 percent. An example noted was UC-Berkeley vice chancellor and provost Claude Steele, who received a pay increase of $75,000 earlier this year, raising his base salary to $450,000.

UC Berkeley is one of the highest paying colleges in America, with an average salary of $149,100 for a professor, ranking it 13th nationally, according to the Huffington Post.

All of which suggests that if the omnipotent moral busybodies masquerading as professors were willing to sacrifice and put their money where their mouths are — literally — a few students might see well needed raises.

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Tom Tillison


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