Ted Cruz : I’m worried about ‘video game warfare,’ aggressive Obama administration

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz expressed support for the use of drones in combat operations, but said one of the possible risks is the concept of “video game warfare.”

“There are also concerns from the perspective of national security,” Cruz said Friday at an event hosted by the Foreign Policy Initiative. “No administration has used drones as aggressively as has the Obama administration. And I’m worried about what I would call video game warfare.”

Cruz said he was also concerned about the use of drones at home, saying the White House “inexplicably refused to acknowledge that the Constitution prevents the federal government from using a drone against a U.S. citizen at home if he or she doesn’t pose an imminent threat.”

“I think that’s a real concern,” he continued. “There are civil liberties concerned to American citizens here at home and privacy concerns that trouble me.”

Watch his full remarks here via YouTube.

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Tom Tillison


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