New video evidence incriminates Brown’s stepdad for knowingly inciting the riots

Already feeling the heat for inflammatory comments that have law enforcement considering whether to charge him with inciting a riot, a video has surfaced that shows Michael Brown’s stepfather possibly incriminating himself.

Shortly after the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of his stepson was announced, Louis Head called on protesters to “burn this bitch down.”

More than a dozen Ferguson, Mo., businesses were burned to the ground following his remarks.

But new video leading up to that moment shows Head acknowledging that if he spoke out, he may “start a riot,” The Daily Caller reported.

“No, if I get up there I’m going to start a riot,” Head is heard on the video telling another person. He was talking about getting up on a car that was being used as a makeshift stage, where Brown’s sobbing mother was standing.

Watch the potentially incriminating comment here:

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