Austin police chief insults gun owners: If you know gun enthusiasts, turn them in

A Texas police chief gave new meaning to the phrase, “take the law into your own hands,” when he asked citizens earlier this week to rat out gun enthusiasts who show signs of “hatred” in a move some say is reminiscent of the Nazi citizen informers.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo made the odd request in a televised Monday press conference, held after a so-called “homegrown American extremist” went on a shooting spree at a Mexican consulate, police station, bank and federal courthouse. Larry Steven McQuilliams, said to be part of a cult that opposes gays, taxes and inter-racial marriages, was killed when an officer returned fire.

At the press conference, Acevedo said:

Let me tell you what keeps me up at night, it’s these guys. It’s these homegrown extremists that are lone wolfs, that are mad at the world, that are angry. And that’s why it’s important for us as Americans to know our neighbors, know our families, tell somebody.

If you know somebody that is acting with a lot hatred towards any particular group, especially if you know somebody who is a gun enthusiast or armed with these type of firearms, and they are showing any type of propensity for hatred, doesn’t mean we are going to take them to jail. But we might want to vet these people.

Acevedo said McQuilliams, who had served seven years in prison on armed robbery charges, should never have gotten his hands on heavy weaponry.

The chief is right that people like McQuilliams need to be stopped before they commit such atrocities, but he has gone the way of so many liberals by lumping all gun enthusiasts in with one mad man. Eroding the civil liberties of all Americans is never the answer.

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Carmine Sabia


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