Congressman asked if he read National Defense Bill: ‘Of course not, are you kidding?’

The U.S. House passed the 1,648-page National Defense Authorization bill Thursday and U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., without a trace of shame, openly acknowledged that he had not read the legislation.

“Of course not,” Moran said when CNS News asked if he’d read the bill. “Are you kidding?”

“Read the bill” was often heard at town halls on health care reform held across the U.S. by members of Congress during the summer recess of 2009. The rally cry represented the frustration over the Affordable Care Act, a 2,400 page monstrosity bill that was being voted on without members actually reading it to understand what was in it.

More than five years later, not only has little progress been made to address the frustrations, but elected officials don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re not reading bills before passing them.

Moran answered “no,” when asked if he planned to read the bill. CNS News then asked how will he know what’s in the bill.

“Because we were, many of these issues we worked on for years and I trust the leadership,” Moran replied.

Keep in mind that he’s a Democrat and the bill was drawn up in the Republican-led House.

In addition to funding the Defense Department, the bill included such goodies as money for “a number of new national parks and establishing a commission to create a plan for a National Museum of Women’s History,” according to CNS News.

As for Moran, he should follow the lead from fellow Democrat, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who at least made a feigned attempt to suggest she was reading the bill. When asked, Lee said she was “still reading” the legislation.

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