4-year-old gets surprise of his life after befriending UPS delivery guy

Watching dreams come true is always adorable, especially at this time of year.

UPS has started its “Your Wishes Delivered” promotion, and a special little boy got a very special surprise!

Carson Knight was unable to drink milk as a baby so his mom had to order formula that was delivered to her door by UPS. Thus started a little boy’s friendship with a UPS driver named Ernie. UPS created a video about the relationship between Carson and Ernie .

According to the driver, he delivered to Carson’s house 2 to 3 times a week.  He said at first Carson just looked out the window at him. Now, at four years old, he rushes to give Ernie hugs.  And more than anything, Ernie said:

“Carson has always wanted to be a UPS driver and today we’re going to make his wish come true.”

With his mom’s help, Carson is making his neighbors’ wishes come true because his ” new route” includes delivery of cookies and muffins. Sweet ending.

Lonnie K. Martens


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