Adorable little girl sparks a dance party in NYC subway station

No one would describe the subway stations in New York City as friendly places, but one little girl was able to change the mood for a bit […]

UK-style ‘smack-down’ between cop and civilian

The English are so very civilized that even run-ins between civilians and officers sound like kindly disagreements in sing-song accents about what kind of teapot to buy […]

Icicle to the head
Good reason to wear a hardhat: a giant icicle to the head

Serbian Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic is tougher than an icicle to the head. Proof? He was giving an interview to reporters about an electrical network failure while […]

faking footballer
Wimpy soccer player gets the award for most dramatic faked injury ever

Americans will never go in for soccer as long as high dramatics play such an integral role in the sport. The latest over-actor? Adryan, a 21-year-old midfielder […]

Swimming pool giraffe
Yes, that’s a giraffe in the backyard sipping out of the pool, honey

Adorable giraffe smartly uses couple’s elevated swimming pool as a watering hole. Don’t worry, it happened on a game reserve in South Africa where they don’t chlorinate […]

‘Hit him again!’ Students cheer when car runs into cops, critically injuring one

An appalling display of callousness occurred in Denver Thursday when some high school students who were protesting the grand jury decision in Ferguson allegedly cheered when someone […]

jim moran
Congressman asked if he read National Defense Bill: ‘Of course not, are you kidding?’

The U.S. House passed the 1,648-page National Defense Authorization bill Thursday and U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., without a trace of shame, openly acknowledged that he had […]

Darius Rucker
Darius Rucker blasted for singing ‘White Christmas’ because . . . racism

Liberals can always find something to be offended by. On Wednesday black country singer and former front man for “Hootie and The Blowfish”, Darius Rucker, performed a […]

4-year-old gets surprise of his life after befriending UPS delivery guy

Watching dreams come true is always adorable, especially at this time of year. UPS has started its “Your Wishes Delivered” promotion, and a special little boy got […]

Protesters ambushing holiday celebrations everywhere

Bah humbug! When protesters are not busy adding to the miseries of everyday Americans by blocking traffic as they try to get home after a hard day’s […]

Hear Jenna Bush talk about ‘hanky panky’ she engaged in at the White House

While commenting on the GOP staffer who unfairly criticized President Obama’s teenage daughters for their attire over the Thanksgiving holiday, former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager may […]

Walmart Commercial
Walmart changes innocuous ‘I can’t breathe’ ad because mob now rules

Walmart is editing a recent commercial amid customer complaints. The commercial shows a black father giving his daughter a Walmart Unlimited phone. The daughter excitedly hugs her […]