Unbelievable! State OKs plan to let HS athletes decide whether they’ll play as boys or girls

High school athletes in Minnesota will soon get to decide whether they’re boys or girls.

And which teams they play on!

The Minnesota State High School League on Thursday approved a new policy that will allow boys who “self identify” as girls to play on girls’ teams, and vice versa, gender, reported the Minnesota Star Tribune.

Attorney John Hagen wrote a column for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune before the vote detailing what an unmitigated disaster this can turn out to be.

“Imagine the following scenario. An adolescent counterpart of Clay Matthews (the very long-haired, very burly linebacker for the Green Bay Packers) comes before your school board,” Hagen wrote. “He declares: ‘I always have had a feminine self-image. I never told anyone, because of society’s expectations, but I’m revealing it now. I never told anyone, because of society’s expectations, but I’m revealing it now.’

“The High School League’s pending policy would compel the school to let this boy play power forward on the girls’ basketball team, regardless of safety considerations,” he continued. “If the school resisted, it would promptly be faced with a lawsuit under the ‘will be eligible’ clause.”

Other critics of the policy say this could spell the end for girls’ sports.

In the same paper the Minnesota Child Protection League released the following ad.

Minnesota Child Protection League
Minnesota Child Protection League Ad via Blue Stem Prairie.


“A biological male has a larger skeletal structure, more muscle. Generally speaking this is true,” said Michele Lentz, of the Minnesota Child Protection League. “To put them in a position where they are competing against girls, puts those girls in a situation where they could get hurt.”

However, a study done by the National Center for Lesbian Rights claims that only about five transgender students in the entire nation ask to play against students of the opposite gender annually, which brings up the the question of why the change was needed — if someone wasn’t expecting that to change.

Really, it’s an idea only a liberal could love.

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