Obama WH priorities: CIA pays an employee to fact-check ‘State of Affairs’ TV show

The Central Intelligence Agency may struggle with differentiating between Islamic terrorists and disgruntled film critics sacking a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, or recognizing the threat posed by a barbaric Islamic State army, but the spy agency is all over inaccuracies portrayed by a hit TV show.

In a show of how invasive pop culture has become in real life, the agency live-tweets about the authenticity of the inner workings of Washington, as seen in the show “State of Affairs,” according to TMZ.

On Monday’s show, star Katherine Heigl is seen sitting with the president for the daily briefing, which includes a folder full of intelligence — as in sheets of paper.

Within minutes, an official CIA Twitter account tweeted a picture of President Obama at a daily briefing — apparently he does occasionally attend briefings. The photo touts how tree-friendly the administration is, as the accompanying message notes that the briefings are done in “tablet format.”

The “State of Affairs” scene is seen here via TMZ:

Another episode shows Heigl meeting in person with other CIA agents. The agency tweeted how dangerous face to face contact is, and even included a tutorial on how to get around it, as seen in these tweets:

A CIA spokesperson defends the practice, saying the show helps the agency “counter popular myths and misconceptions about the agency,” according to TMZ. And live-tweeting is a great way to do that, apparently.

Never mind that taxpayers are paying a government employee to watch the show. Talk about a great gig.

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Tom Tillison


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