A laughable lie? WH stonewalls on its role in IRS scandal to ‘protect taxpayers’ privacy’

Photo Source Daily Caller

The “most transparent administration in history” is up to its old tricks again, this time withholding potentially damaging documents related to the IRS scandal of singling out conservative groups in pursuit of non-profit tax exempt status for additional scrutiny.

But the reason for doing so borders on sublime absurdity.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew refuses to release documents about improper disclosures of confidential taxpayer information claiming it would be an improper disclosure of confidential taxpayer information, according to The Daily Caller.

Do you think anyone in the Obama administration has heard of redacting?

Subsequently, Obama’s former chief of staff is withholding thousands of pages of documents on coordination between the White House and the IRS during the time the conservative groups were unfairly targeted — documents that potentially show the IRS shared taxpayer returns with the Obama administration.

But just as we’ve seen in the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal and the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the White House is less than forthcoming.

That fact that doesn’t escape social media users, including a couple of heavy hitters who’ve been following the questionable tactics of this administration for years.

Here are a sampling of responses, which include Greta Van Susteren and Herman Cain, as seen on Twitter:

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