10-year-old girl, expert shooter, blows anti-gun reporter’s mind; ‘It’s really not scary at all. It’s pretty fun.’

A young markswoman’s on-target description of gun proficiency blew away a reporter who profiled her on ABC News this week.

And showed just how wide the gap is between people who respect the First Amendment and the media that report on them.

During the segment, ABC reporter Reena Ninan interviewed New Jersey resident Shyanne Roberts – whom Ninan rightly called “one of the shooting world’s youngest rising stars.”

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At 10, Roberts is already a competitor in adult shooting tournaments with 20 corporate sponsors. She has been written up in the national media, and became an Internet sensation when she was still 9 when her testimony against gun control before New Jersey lawmakers went viral.

Her comfort around firearms was evident during the ABC interview, as was reporter Ninan’s obvious discomfort.

At one point, as the two sat talking, Ninan looked at the guns around her and said, “All this makes me nervous, very nervous.”

With perfect composure, Shyanne answered: “If you learn how to handle them right, and not hurt yourself, it’s not really scary at all. It’s pretty fun.”

It’s also a very good way for a girl or a woman to protect herself without relying on the state or a man to do it.

Shyanne already knows that. It’s something reporters should know too.


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