Veteran who called out fake soldier in mall follows up with Fox & Friends

Army veteran Ryan Berk is gaining national attention after calling out a man who posed as a U.S. soldier while shopping on Black Friday.

See the soldier get called out HERE.

Berk confronted the phony soldier when he noticed several inconsistencies with the man’s Army Ranger uniform, recording their interaction on his i-Phone.

“Stolen valor!” he called out in the mall, after pointing out to the poser that he had worn the uniform and had friends get killed in Afghanistan wearing the uniform.

Stolen valor is the act of posing as a U.S. soldier without having ever served, or misrepresenting your service, usually to suggest combat experience that never occurred.

Appearing on “Fox and Friends” this week, the veteran explained why he is so passionate about the incident. Watch the interview here via Fox News:

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Tom Tillison


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