St. Louis bar boycotts ‘bone-headed’ Rams; becomes target of angry protesters

St. Louis bar targeted after cutting Rams for ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ demonstration

This is one bar that’s had enough.

Disgusted with a “bone headed” decision by five St. Louis Rams players to stage a “hands up, don’t shoot” demonstration on the field before Sunday’s NFL game, a St. Louis bar has announced it will no longer will no longer support the team or its fans.

“We have to stand up to thugs who destroy our community and burn down local businesses,” the owners of Time Out Bar and Grill wrote in a Facebook posting that as of Wednesday had attracted almost 60,000 “likes:”


 Time Out announced on Facebook that it was going to support the Kansas City Chiefs:ram2

Now, the bar is facing a protest of its own, as demonstrators massed to shut the business down.

Time Out took to Facebook again to explain that it’s main objection was the players using a sporting event for a political protest – not the free-speech rights of protesters off the field.:

pic 3

That didn’t appease the protesters — at all. (Warning: Strong language ahead.)

So with the left’s story of the Michael Brown shooting in tatters thanks to a grand jury’s decision, protestors in Ferguson now have nothing better to do other than stomp on the constitutional rights of individuals running small businesses?

Fortunately, not everyone sees it that way.

So for those who support Time Out’s move to the Kansas City Chiefs, happy hour is on! One Facebook fan summed it up by saying “not a fan of neither team but ill be rooting for time out bar and grill ..  good work guys”

Lonnie K. Martens


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