Megyn Kelly LIGHTS UP black congressman over ‘hands up’ gesture on House floor

Sparks flew Tuesday when Megyn Kelly brought Texas Democrat Al Green to “The Kelly File” to explain the Congressional Black Caucus’s “hands up, don’t shoot” demonstration on the House floor.

It didn’t go well for Green.

The best part for viewers came when he accused Kelly of telling only one side of the story – possibly forgetting that his own presence on the camera proved both sides were represented.

The worst part for Green came when he accused Kelly of making the Michael Brown shooting controversy a race issue, ludicrously suggesting he hadn’t brought it up.

Kelly responded by reading parts of a Green statement repeating the by-now tired mantra that the Brown shooting and its aftermath proved “black lives don’t matter.”

The conversation got hot, but Kelly never lost her cool.

If you missed it Tuesday night, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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