Medal of Honor recipient sends awesome message to ISIS that starts with, track me . . . I DARE YOU

Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer doesn’t scare easy.

So when the former Marine heard about an FBI warning that Islamist terrorists could be tracking social media to target members of the U.S. armed forces and their families, he was anything but frightened.

The FBI issued the advisory Sunday, urging members of the military to review their online social media presence for any information that might attract the attention of violent extremists and to use caution when posting.

Meyer had this to say to Dan Bova of Scout.Com

Let me say what a lot of us are thinking…If ISIS is using social media to track me, that’s a dream come true in my book. These guys are a bunch of bullies that just prey on the weak,” says Meyer. “I can’t travel over there anymore now that I’m out of the Marine Corps, so having them come to me would help out a lot. ISIS targeting the U.S. military is like a sheep targeting a lion. Hopefully one of these assholes actually shows up. They’ll definitely get more than they want at my place!

Actually, I think this warning should be taken seriously by all military members. I would hate for ISIS to go to anyone else’s home and for me to miss the opportunity to meet and greet them. I’ll take the responsibility to be the liaison for the military. I live in Columbia, Kentucky—oops, is that too much information? Oh well.

Any credible threat to our military, at home or abroad must be taken seriously. But Meyer’s response reminds us of the indominable courage and spirit of the United States Marines in the face of evil. As one follower tweeted “#Hoorah Dakota Meyer!

Lonnie K. Martens


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