‘Disgusted’ Sheriff Clarke to Obama: Do us a favor and issue executive order to get rid of welfare state!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said he is “disgusted” with the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder, and accused the Obama White House of “fanning the flames of racial discord.”

The African-American sheriff appeared on “The Kelly File” Tuesday evening to discuss the situation in Ferguson, Mo.

“He claims he wants justice for all, but apparently he doesn’t want justice for police officers,” Clarke said of Holder, after pointing out the attorney general sided with protesters over law enforcement.

“Race is an explosive issue in this country,” Clarke said. “It has been for a long time. I don’t know if it’s going to get better, but it was improving, there’s just no doubt about that […] but that wound has been opened again, and some of it is because of the divisive politics that the White House has been playing.”

He unloaded on race hustler Al Sharpton, calling him a charlatan, and questioned Obama’s judgment in taking advice from the civil rights leader.

The sheriff said he wished he had been invited to the White House summit on Monday, which he called “Kabuki theater.” He said he would have told Obama that if he is concerned about the frustration and anger in the black community, why not issue an executive order to audit anti-poverty programs that have worsened the welfare state.

“Why do you continue, Mr. President, to support anti-poverty programs and initiatives that have worsened poverty over the last 50 ,60 years … if you want to do us a favor at the local level,” he said, “why don’t you issue an executive order calling for an audit of every anti-poverty agency initiative in America and lets stop propping up this welfare state that has done nothing more than hook these individuals living in these American ghettos on the high of handouts?”

Clarke was so impressive in the interview that host Megyn Kelly was prompted to ask if he was considering running for higher office.

She got a sheepish grin in response.

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Tom Tillison


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