Apologizing kid
Kid cuts airport line, coach makes him apologize to the whole plane!

This is why all kids should have to play team sports.

Crazy lady
Psycho lady strolls along sidewalk stabbing random strangers in New Orleans

When you think there’s no more crazy that can be had – New Orleans comes in and fills up the crazy bucket. This nutty lady is walking […]

Shark mama
Amazing save! Three shark pups rescued from dead, pregnant mama

This dead, pregnant shark washed ashore and her progeny would have died with her, if not for an observant beachgoer. The beachgoer noticed something moving inside the […]

Watch: High school boys reinforce the stereotypes about dumb jocks

Well, what were you expecting? It’s a bunch of high school kids in face paint. However, the kids aren’t the crazy ones in this equation, that title […]

Police consider charging Brown’s stepfather; Dr. Keith Ablow weighs in

While a grand jury has cleared Officer Darren Wilson in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, authorities are still looking into the possibility of charging Brown’s stepfather […]

NYPD to start using body cams earlier than planned, police sources say

As New York awaits the imminent grand jury decision whether to bring charges in the case of Eric Garner, who died from a police chokehold in July, […]

Krauthammer: Great civil war is happening in the Democratic Party

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said that while the media continues to focus on a divide within the Republican Party, the real civil war is happening in the Democratic […]

louis head
Michael Brown’s stepfather apologizes for inciting riots

Michael Brown’s stepfather issued an apology of sorts that had far less clarity than the angry rant he let fly after the announcement that a grand jury […]

‘Disrespect for America’: Congressman lambastes amnesty activists for repeatedly disrupting House hearing

Activists demanding amnesty for illegal aliens disrupted a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, apparently angry that elected members of Congress were questioning President Obama’s unilateral decision […]

Medal of Honor recipient sends awesome message to ISIS that starts with, track me . . . I DARE YOU

Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer doesn’t scare easy. So when the former Marine heard about an FBI warning that Islamist terrorists could be tracking social media […]

anita moncrief
VIDEO: Union thug gets vulgar at debate, tells “Blacks against Landrieu” activist to perform sex act

A Louisiana man identified as a union worker was captured on video telling ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief to “go down” on Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill Cassidy. […]

Judge to decide if pastor can keep preaching after admitting to sex, drugs, misusing funds to his flock

An Alabama pastor got the boot from his parish after confessing to his flock that he had engaged in sex, illegal drugs and mishandling church money, but […]