Young worker gunned down in Nordstrom on Black Friday was denied protection order from stalker ex

Police surround the Nordstrom with crime scene tape. Photo credit Chicago Tribune.

Liberals preach about wanting strict gun laws to protect the people. Well, if Chicago is their bright, shining example, no thank you.

On Black Friday, a 22-year-old law school student was shot dead while working in violence-ridden Chicago.

young girlNadia Ezaldein was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend Marcus Dee while at her job working for  Nordstrom in Chicago — a job she held seasonally to help pay for law school.

According to the police report, Dee confronted Ezaldein and the two spoke briefly.

When Ezaldein walked away from Dee he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head. Then he turned the gun of himself and shot himself in the head.

Dee was pronounced dead on the scene while Ezaldein dies the next day.

Seven months before the shooting, Ezaldein accused Dee of serious abuse in her motion for a restraining order.

A sign outside the Chicago Nordstrom the day after the murder. Photo credit Chicago Tribune.

“He physically abused my sister, cracked her ribs, punched her jaw and fractured it, ripped all her clothing,” her sister testified.

He also “stabbed her jacket with a switch knife, ripped her boots and bruised her lip. Threw her clothes out the window and put (a) gun in her mouth,” the petition read.

Dee filed a petition as well the day before claiming that Ezaldein threatened to have her brother kill him and that her sister would get him arrested and “kicked out of the Army.”

Both petitions were denied.

The murder occurred on Ezaldein’s 22nd birthday. Her family was planning a surprise birthday for her after her shift.

A party she sadly never got to enjoy.

But Chicago’s still a gun-control heaven.

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