Obama’s plan to prevent more riots: Take weapons away from cops

The president who partied August away on Martha’s Vineyard while Ferguson burned is suddenly worried about violence on the streets of America and he’s vowing to do something about it.

And that mainly seems to be hamstringing police officers.

That’s the top result from a bally-hooed meeting Monday between President Obama and top “civil rights” shysters like Al Sharpton and the racists of La Raza, according to a New York Times report.

The goal, according to The Times, is to “channel the rage over the fatal police shooting of a black teenager there into a national debate about how to restore trust between the police and the public.”

Allegedly to rebuild trust, Obama is preparing an executive order that would tighten the transfer of equipment from the nation’s military to local police forces – on the skewed logic that the police having more firepower somehow emboldened the criminal element that turned protests in Ferguson, Mo., into an orgy of arson and rioting.

Leave aside the fact that conservatives for years have been warning about the increasing militarization of civilian police (and got themselves branded as “anti-government wing-nuts” for their trouble).

As the Obama administration has proven almost from the first botched swearing-in ceremony, every time a liberal identifies a problem, it’s almost exactly the opposite of what is wrong. Every time a liberal identifies a solution, it’s almost exactly the opposite of what’s needed.

In Ferguson, in the Gospel according to Obama and Sharpton, it was the cops, not the criminals, who were committing the crimes. And so it’s the cops, not the criminals, that need to be reined in.

They don’t have tanks on Martha’s Vineyard, do they?

Michele Kirk


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