Obama to issue executive order in response to Ferguson; $263 million starting price tag

Throw money at it!

President Obama is planning to spend $263 million in taxpayer money in response to the “simmering distrust” between police and the black community in the Missouri town devastated by anti-cop rioting after the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by white Officer Darren Wilson.

After a day of meetings Monday with “civil rights leaders” and big-city mayors, Obama promised to set up a task force tasked with bridging the gap of trust between police and black people. He also vowed to consider imposing more restrictions on moving surplus military equipment to local police forces, reported CNN.

A portion of the money requested would be used to purchase 50,000 small lapel-sized body cameras for police around the country.

Obama made this announcement after a meeting with law enforcement officials and civil rights leaders including racial agitator Al Sharpton, according to CNN.

“I’m going to be proposing some new community policing initiatives that will significantly expand funding and training for local law enforcement, including up to 50,000 additional body-worn cameras for law enforcement agencies,” Obama said.

And with his customary arrogance, Obama added that while other task forces have not solved these issues in the past “this time will be different, because the president of the United States is deeply vested in making it different.”

Perhaps if the president was as deeply vested in other issues, like destroying ISIS who pose a serious threat to the safety of ALL Americans, we’d be better off.

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Carmine Sabia


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