Innocent first graders subjected to classroom lesson on Michael Brown

When it comes to Michael Brown, the strong-armed robbery thug whose charge at a police officer got him shot to death in Ferguson, Mo., in August, the liberal propaganda machine is in full swing.

And thanks to the soul-crushing hypocrisy and corruption of America’s teachers unions, there’s no better place for liberal propaganda than the nation’s public schools. reports on the effort of one elementary school teacher to feed her children the liberal line that Brown was an innocent, only “days away from starting college,” when the fatal confrontation took place.

The kind of identity fraud is old hat to “progressives,” though.

The Nazis (leftists to the bone) made a hero and a martyr out of a street thug named Horst Wessel – who might have been killed for not paying his rent.

The infamously ignorant baby-boomer war protesters made a hero and a martyr out of Che Guevera, a totalitarian killer who loved Castro’s firing squads.

Now, they’re trying to turn a convenience store-robbing, cop-attacking menace into a symbol of innocence.

And using your schools to do it.

HT – Twitchy

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