Disney scolds little girl for thanking God

It started as a normal, happy birthday for 10-year-old Lilly, whose favorite pastime is browsing the Disney Channel on her computer.

A question popped up on the Disney Channel site that asked “What are you grateful for?”

The happy birthday girl responded, “God, my family, my church and my friends.”

Disney would not accept her submission and immediately responded in red letters “Please be nice.” After a few tries, Lilly’s mom, Julie Anderson, omitted the word “God” and the submission was accepted, verifying that Disney was blocking her daughter’s use of the word “God.”

Watch the video:

Anderson tried to contact Disney for an explanation. Getting no response, she contacted Fox News reporter Todd Starnes with this shocking story. Starnes made a similar submission to Lilly’s, using the word “God” and it was also rejected by Disney.

The incident evoked feelings of confusion for Lilly and concern by her mom that children are being made to feel ashamed of expressing gratitude and faith — and certainly doesn’t help Disney’s wholesome, family image.

Disney told “Fox and Friends” that it is “forced to prevent any use of the word God on their website” because many people use it as part of a profanity. But is banning the use of the word “God” the best answer? Disney has obviously made a choice, and its suggestion that being thankful to God is somehow not “nice” enough to be published is outrageous.

Would Disney change its tune if Christians boycotted its website and parks and stores this holiday season?

Lonnie K. Martens


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