Cop’s version of video defends stopping a guy for ‘having his hands in his pockets’

A video of a Michigan deputy stopping a pedestrian because the man had his hands in his pockets in Michigan’s November cold had some Internet sites aflame with cries of “racism” over the weekend, but the deputy’s bosses hit back Monday.

What made the incident interesting was that both sides recorded the encounter – and the recordings released have one significant difference.

The original video, posted on (and reposted by BizPac Review on Sunday) depicted the deputy’s action as a response to a seemingly random call reporting a man, identified as Brandon B. Waxx McKean, walking with his hands in his pockets.

It ends kind of abruptly. And a Monday posting on Facebook by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office might explain why.

The sheriff’s office posted the deputy’s video version of the encounter, which includes the deputy explaining that the call wasn’t simply for someone walking with his hands in his pockets, but behaving suspiciously in other ways.

Besides explaining that the person who called 911 thought a man walking up and down without a goal might be “casing” a house before robbing it, the sheriff’s office said the encounter went by the book.

In the unedited version of the event, the individual stated that if he had called the police on a suspicious person, he would expect the police to respond, check the area, and talk to the suspicious person being called about. The Deputy did not detain or pat down the individual and considering the nature of the call responded in a very restrained and professional manner.

Considering the future, where encounters between police officers and the general public are more likely to be filmed than not, the incident could be a harbinger of what is to come.

And people who leaped like fish for bait at the originally leaked version of this video are going to have to rethink some things — like this guy, for instance.

If all cops are as “racist” as this polite, professional deputy, the civil-rights race-baiting grievance mongers are in for a bad year.


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