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CNN host still has HER job after insulting GOP political daughter

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The Democrat double standard for protecting lib politicians is such old news it barely merits mentioning, but the news media’s treatment of the congressional aide who criticized President Obama’s daughters is too over the top to ignore.

Especially when it’s compared to the media’s treatment of the daughter of another prominent American politician: Sarah Palin.


As most of America was made aware through biased, misleading news coverage, the Palin family was involved in a confrontation in Alaska in September during a birthday party for Palin’s husband, Todd.

The coverage of that non-incident, thousands of miles from most Americans’ lives, included a particularly disgraceful segment on CNN by news anchor Carol Costello, who was on the air when she called police tapes of a crying, hysterical Bristol Palin “quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across.”

So a spokeswoman for a Republican congressman mildly chastises a Democrat president’s daughters for behaving like ill-mannered brats at a nationally televised, staged event and the libs call for her head – and an apology definitely not accepted.

A national news anchor licks her malicious lips as she describes a violent assault against a Republican vice presidential candidate’s daughter and she gets by with a half-hearted written apology she didn’t have the class or the guts to make on the air.

And thanks to the Dem double standard, not one mainstream media outlet would admit to noticing it. The Twitter world did, though.


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