bronx thug
A special spot in hell: Who drop-kicks a lady carrying a baby?

Warning: disturbing content Who drop-kicks a lady carrying a baby in order to steal her cell phone? Police say Alonzo Brown, 18, and they’ve arrested this Bronx […]

Fleeing on a skateboard
Dude in stolen BMW tries to flee from cops on his skateboard

Because wheels are wheels when you’re running from the cops!

Boss of Bucks
Texas game warden untangles two bucks like a boss

This Texas game warden was called out to separate two bucks that had gotten their antlers tangled together with some nylon rope. The bucks were flailing around […]

near death truck
Guy comes a gnat’s hair from being killed by a truck – will make you gasp

Those ubiquitous Russian dash cams capture a little bit of everything and this time they captured a very lucky pedestrian safely walking away from a near-death run […]

Homeless guy steals ambulance to go to strip club: cites lack of public transportation

A homeless man with a need for speed – among other things – stole an ambulance late Sunday because he wanted to go to a strip club […]

Indian girls riding public bus let loose on attackers with belt . . . is this for real?

A video circulating on the Internet shows two young women in India fighting off men sexually harassing them on a bus on their way to college — but […]

Young worker gunned down in Nordstrom on Black Friday was denied protection order from stalker ex

Liberals preach about wanting strict gun laws to protect the people. Well, if Chicago is their bright, shining example, no thank you. On Black Friday, a 22-year-old […]

Cop’s version of video defends stopping a guy for ‘having his hands in his pockets’

A video of a Michigan deputy stopping a pedestrian because the man had his hands in his pockets in Michigan’s November cold had some Internet sites aflame […]

Disney scolds little girl for thanking God

It started as a normal, happy birthday for 10-year-old Lilly, whose favorite pastime is browsing the Disney Channel on her computer. A question popped up on the […]

Undercover footage: Democrat Mayor, father of Landrieu’s chief of staff, urging voter fraud

A Republican Louisiana state senator is accusing a prominent Democrat mayor with strong ties to Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu of encouraging voter fraud. And he’s got the […]

Innocent first graders subjected to classroom lesson on Michael Brown

When it comes to Michael Brown, the strong-armed robbery thug whose charge at a police officer got him shot to death in Ferguson, Mo., in August, the […]

CNN host still has HER job after insulting GOP political daughter

The Democrat double standard for protecting lib politicians is such old news it barely merits mentioning, but the news media’s treatment of the congressional aide who criticized […]