Comedian Chris Rock had some ugly things to say about the Clintons; bet they’re not laughing

Chris Rock showed gumption this week when he sat down for an interview with “The New Yorker” and gave his blistering opinion of former President Bill Clinton.

“He’s a d**k,” Rock told interviewer Frank Rich. “But you’re talking about a guy who’s embarrassed his wife.

“I had to choose between pissing off all the black people in the world or having my wife mad at me? Then the hell with the black people,” the comedian continued. “Because he doesn’t live with all the black people. He lives with his wife.”

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And on the subject of Clinton’s wife, the early front-runner for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2016, Hillary Clinton, Rock said he wasn’t certain she would win the nomination.

“It’s still not a done deal with Hillary. Remember, she was ahead last time,” Rock said. “She had all the black people. And she lost to somebody she really shouldn’t have lost to.”

When Rich asked him who could pose a challenge for her as there is no Barack Obama this time around, the star astutely pointed out that no one knew who Obama was before he exploded on the scene during the primaries either.

“There was no Barack Obama until Barack Obama either,” Rock told Rich. “There’s a part of Hillary that’s like the Democratic McCain at this point. As he showed, ‘It’s my time’ is not really enough.”

And when Rich noted Bill Clinton used to be called “the first black president,” Rock just snorted.

“Allegedly,” he said. “Until a black guy showed up.”

It looks like Rock may be one Hollywood celebrity the Clinton’s won’t be able to count on for fundraisers this time around.

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