Chris Rock
Comedian Chris Rock had some ugly things to say about the Clintons; bet they’re not laughing

Chris Rock showed gumption this week when he sat down for an interview with “The New Yorker” and gave his blistering opinion of former President Bill Clinton. […]

professor melts down
Professor has a raging meltdown in front of his students

If you’ve ever taught, you know these kids totally had it coming.  

bike and bear
Acid trip or bear vs. biker?

This may be a terrifying video of a man biking-for-his-life away from a charging bear. Or, it may be something else entirely. What do you think?

Men with hammers
Getting hammered before this job not recommended

There is something so wholesome and satisfying about a job well done, and this video absolutely captures that emotion.  

Police union wants Rams players to be punished for tasteless ‘hands up’ gesture

Sunday’s show of professional football players engaged in a provocative display of “hands up, don’t shoot” posturing before the Rams-Raiders game in St. Louis has St. Louis […]

Skinny dude tries to push pudgy disciple of Satan into water; and it doesn’t end well

Young man, kindness counts. So before you try bullying kids who are bigger than you, remember the science you learned in school. Ask yourself, “are the laws […]

Fed-up Scarborough slams NFL over Rams’ protest: Michael Brown ‘is your hero? Really?’

“The cops have every reason to be pissed off this morning, every reason in the world” exclaimed an angry Joe Scarborough on NBC’s “Morning Joe,” commenting on […]

Ferguson Oath Keepers
Video: Ferguson protesters pick a fight with snipers protecting businesses

Protesters in Ferguson became angry when they noticed armed militia know as the Oath Keepers protecting local businesses. A woman was videotaped arguing with one of the […]

GOP aide resigns after digs at Obama daughters . . . because no one ever made fun of the Bush girls

The Republican congressional aide who became the center of a post-Thanksgiving tsunami of criticism for using Facebook to advise President Obama’s daughters to “dress like you deserve […]

Defiant GOP official won’t be bullied into stepping down for calling Ferguson rioters ‘thugs’

Liberal groups and even some Republicans are pressuring a Florida GOP county official to step down for a Twitter posting last week that called Ferguson, Mo., rioters […]

First black Stormtrooper responds to racist hype after ‘Star Wars’ trailer release

British actor John Boyega has a message for anyone with a beef about his role as “the first black Stormtrooper” in the new “Star Wars: The Force […]

Sad misunderstanding: Obama heard mocking NBC’s Chuck Todd as ‘sad,’ only that’s not quite how it was

Don’t believe everything you hear. A misunderstood fragment of a conversation between President Obama and his daughter Mahlia turned into an inside-the-Beltway scandal over the weekend as […]