‘White news, black news’: Black conservative squares off against lib playing the blame game

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” heated up on Sunday when two black guests faced off with two very different opinions on the Ferguson crisis and race issues in general.

Host Brian Stelter did his best to paint white people as racist, insinuating they “don’t get it” when it comes to race relations.

Stelter’s first guest, Elon James White, the black founder of the blog “This Week in Blackness,” was only too happy to corroborate the drivel.

“We’ve been dealing with this for generations,” White said. “This is not the first time something like this has happened. It probably won’t be the last time that something like this has happened. When people want to look at this, they want to take out all of the history around it, all of the obvious bias that’s been shown.”

Stelter’s other guest, Crystal Wright, an African-American who runs the “Conservative Black Chick” website, had another take, and it was refreshingly cogent.

“You’re lumping all black people in one camp and all white people,” she said. “I think the real epidemic is not police violence against black men. The real epidemic is young black men killing other young black men.”

While Michael Brown did not deserve to die, Wright said, he made “very bad decisions” by committing a robbery and confronting a police officer.

“This is a false narrative that people push in order to derail the conversation around our communities still being gunned down by the police,” White retorted.

Wright finished the segment with a comment that proved her point.

“Sixty businesses are now not able to operate in Ferguson and provide jobs to employees,” she said. “You have business that were either completely burned down or destroyed to the point that it’s going to take months to rebuild. I don’t think that shows respect for a black neighborhood.”

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Carmine Sabia


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