St. Louis Rams players take field with ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ pose; ‘This is embarrassing’

In a year of embarrassments for the National Football League, this one might be the worst.

Five players for the St. Louis Rams took to the field Sunday for a home game against Oakland by displaying the “hands up, don’t shoot” pose that that the savage looters of Ferguson have made their trademark since opportunistic rioting in the St. Louis suburb started in August.

According to Sports Illustrated, the five players were Stedman Bailey, Tavon Faustin, Jared Cook, Chris Givens and Kenny Britt.

Twitter users were not amused.

Now, granted NFL players aren’t exactly known for their social or political acumen – nor should they be expected to be paragons of virtue (thank the Lord.) But a basic decency and understanding for how what might have once been a legitimate outlet for protest has degenerated into the past three months into a license for lawlessness should have kept these guys from taking a stand that was not only offensive, but ignorant to boot.

Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson had – or at least used – the experience of a strict Southern upbringing to explain his corporal punishment technique of child rearing. Atlanta’s Ray Rice, accused of battering his wife, at least had her public support in the face of national outrage.

These guys have the support of a few knuckleheads – and the outrage of a nation. Are they planning on supporting the rebuilding of Ferguson businesses burned down by the rioters, too?

Maybe because some people, egged on by so-called “leaders” would rather believe an untruth that suits their warped worldview than acknowledge the truth for what it is.

And the truth, as a St. Louis County grand jury found was this:

All the empty gestures in the world won’t change that.



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