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PC-brainwashed student blames his own whiteness for getting mugged: ‘How dumb this guy is’

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All the evidence needed to prove liberalism has infected American universities can be found in the case of two students who were mugged and blamed themselves for being white.

In an op-ed for The Hoya, the school newspaper, Georgetown University student Oliver Friedfeld wrote that he and his roommate deserved to be robbed at gunpoint because of their race.

Oliver Friedfeld
Oliver Friedfeld Facebook photo.

“Who am I to stand from my perch of privilege, surrounded by million-dollar homes and paying for a $60,000 education, to condemn these young men as ‘thugs?’” he wrote. “It’s precisely this kind of ‘otherization’ that fuels the problem.”

Friedfeld said he didn’t think of the assailants as “bad people.”

”I trust that they weren’t trying to hurt me,” he wrote. “In fact, if they knew me, I bet they’d think I was okay. The fact that these two kids, who appeared younger than I, have even had to entertain these questions suggests their universes are light years away from mine.”

According to this dimwit, the crime of being white should be punished by muggings and break-ins and America ought to get used to it.

“We should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins,” Friedfeld wrote. “I can hardly blame them.”

The Twitter-verse had plenty to say in mocking this genius. A sampling:

Yes, parents, this is the education your tuition money is financing.

Carmine Sabia


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