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National disgrace: Fiery ‘Ferguson protesters’ take lead in Time ‘Person of the Year’ poll

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The grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo., and the reaction to that decision not only dominated the Sunday talk shows less than a week later, but has resulted in the “Ferguson protesters” surging into the lead in the Time online poll for “Person of the Year.”

The magazine salivated over the turn of events with a tweet that featured this message: “The protests over the grand jury decision this week have captivated international attention.”

Never mind that America should be embarrassed by the actions of protesters who resorted to rioting and looting in a refusal to accept the grand jury’s finding that there was not enough evidence to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

Or that a man lost his life in the besieged Midwest city during these protests.

For all the focus on the tagline that “black lives matter,” Deandre Joshua, a 20-year-old black man who was shot within eyesight of where Brown was killed, has largely been overlooked because it doesn’t quite fit with the romantic narrative of “peaceful protesters” the media clings to.

In a rather fitting coincidence to Time trumping the status of its “Person of the Year” poll, it is being reported by news outlets that a large group of communist agitators has surged to the forefront of ongoing protests in Ferguson.

“The only solution is a communist revolution!” the protesters chant. 

The “Ferguson protesters” are at 10.7 percent in the poll, with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in second place at 10 percent, Newsbusters reported.

And no disrespect to Modi, whose attributes include a will to “cut bureaucratic red tape,” but this is about as good an indication as there is that competition is not exactly fierce. 

By the way, voting continues until 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 6, and you can vote for Modi here.

Newsbuster’s Tim Graham took note of Time’s affinity for the “fiery” protesters, wondering just how firm that position is.

“Would they feel that way if someone burned down Time’s building, instead of one of those tawdry capitalist enterprises like Little Caesars Pizza?” he asked.

Tom Tillison


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