Football-coaching nun: When this team throws a Hail Mary, it really throws a Hail Mary

On any given Sunday, everyone knows where to find Sister Lisa Maurer.

But on Saturdays, she’s on the sidelines with her boys.

Bringing a refreshing look at the age-old ways of women who’ve devoted their lives to religious service, “Fox & Friends” on Sunday interviewed Sister Lisa Maurer, a Benedictine Order nun who also happens to be an assistant coach for the College of St. Scholastica, a Duluth, Minn., Division III school.

It was clear from the way she handled the interview that she was used to some of the questions, but the novelty of a nun on the gridiron is tough to beat.

Most tellingly, though, she said the same characteristics that go into being a nun are useful in getting a college football team into the playoffs: devotion to duty, a willingness to get up early, and absolute determination to get the job done. (The prolific use of foul language on the sidelines when a young player goofs up is probably something Maurer skips.)

But the experience has made lesson clear more than any other, Maurer said.

“God is everywhere. God can be involved in all different things, including football,” she said. “So I find the blessings that’s coming of this just to be outstanding.”

Amen, sister.

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