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Darren Wilson resigns, and CNN’s race-baiting coverage draws outrage

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Five days after being cleared by a grand jury, Darren Wilson has resigned from the Ferguson Police Department.

And while the move was expected, the way CNN announced it on Twitter suggests the network is going to miss not having the besieged officer to kick around anymore.

To many social media users, CNN’s description of its story on the resignation was little more than a continuation of a well-worn narrative centered on racial injustice that has been brought under question after the release of grand jury documents last week.

As if necessary, CNN reminded us in the body of the story that “Wilson is white and Brown was black.” But the description on Twitter was more than enough to spark a spirited response from users, who felt the comment exposed a prevalent bias by the network.

Here are a few of those responses, as seen on Twitter: 

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Tom Tillison


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