‘An unnecessary EVIL!’: Martin Luther King’s niece condemns Ferguson rioting

The niece of legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Sunday condemned the savage looting and arson in Ferguson, Mo., that followed the announcement that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the August shooting death of Michael Brown.

And in the process, without naming any names, Alveda King showed just how much the charlatans like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and their enablers in the mainstream media are pulling the wool over America’s eyes.

King was on “Fox & Friends” when she denounced the violence that accompanied the “peaceful protests.

King’s particular topic was an inflammatory opinion piece published last week in Time magazine headlinedIn defense of rioting,” in which a freelance journalist made the “argument” that rioting for a just cause was acceptable – even noble.

But the woman who grew up surrounded by men and women who spent their lives in a movement for social change knew better.

The Ferguson rioting, she said, was and is “an unnecessary evil,” that had no connection to the civil rights marchers of decades past.

“We were asking people not do riot,” she said. “We asked people to use their prayers and words … Our response was never violence.”

King also hinted that the main body of troublemakers in Ferguson were not as interested in improving the community as they were taking advantage of the opportunity to destroy and steal.

“You could tell most of the rioters were not citizens of Ferguson,” she said.

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