A conservative game show host for Secretary of Defense? Can he buy an M16?

Conservative America’s favorite game show host is considering a new line of work.

With the announcement Monday that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is being shown to the White House door, “Wheel of Fortune” master of ceremonies Pat Sajak announced to his Twitter followers that he’s thinking about throwing his hat into the ring for the job.

Now, considering that the Obama administration and its tight-knit advisers don’t have much interest in a real secretary of defense — which is how Hagel got hired in the first place — Sajak might be dead on about the “part time” nature of the job.

But considering also that Sajak is well known for his conservative views — and his generally poor view of this administration — it seems damned unlikely he’d be considered. (Qualifications are irrelevant in an administration that appointed a political hack to be the Ebola czar. And nobody’s heard of him for a while anyway.)

That doesn’t mean Sajak’s followers didn’t get some ideas from his Twitter posting.

Since a doormat of a defense secretary is all President Obama seems to be interested, the temp office might be the place for Sajak to start.

But fans had some other ideas — for Sajak and his lovely co-host.

Well, saying anyone could do a better job than Kerry at anything other than windsurfing isn’t much of a compliment. But one Twitter user had the ultimate reason Sajak couldn’t make it as a secretary of defense — even part-time.

So sad, and so true.



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