William Shatner gives funny insights on real Star Wars trailer while Rolling Stone falls for bogus version

Highly placed reviewers from William Shatner to Rolling Stone are chiming in on the release of the trailer for the new sci-fi flick, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and the feedback is worth following.

First, here’s the trailer:.

Shatner tweeted this poke in the eye, with comical results:

That’s when the fun began.

Unfortunately, Capt. Kirk missed the one detail that caught the attention of many fans: the black stormtrooper!

Rolling Stone got duped when it wrote a review on a fake trailer posted to YouTube a week ago by someone with the username, Romeo Lux. The faux trailer included scenes from previous “Star Wars” films that would have been obvious to any fan of the film series. Apparently, the Rolling Stone reviewer was not among those fans.

Rolling Stone Star Wars

h/t: Twitchy.

Carmine Sabia


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