US veteran calls out fake soldier for stolen valor at the mall

stolen valorA man who identified himself as a former Army Ranger spotted a man in uniform shopping on Black Friday and was immediately drawn to several inconsistencies with the man’s appearance.

The self-identified veteran began peppering the man with a series of qualifying questions while recording the encounter, and for a short time, the alleged soldier held up well under fire. But the more he was questioned, the more suspect he became.

“Why don’t you just admit that you’re a phony?” the accuser asked the alleged soldier. “You know that’s illegal, right?”

The “soldier” insisted that he was not a phony.

“You know what, I’ve worn that f*cking uniform and I had friends get killed in Afghanistan wearing that f*cking uniform,” the former Ranger told him.

“Stolen valor!” he called out in the mall, as a female acquaintance tried to quiet him.

Stolen valor is the act of posing as a U.S. soldier without having ever served, or misrepresenting your service, usually to suggest combat experience that never occurred.

With many retailers offering veterans additional discounts, the incentive to deceive may be too enticing to some.

Watch the encounter here and see if you buy the man’s story:

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Tom Tillison


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